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May 22, 2015 | Mike Amato

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In the last blog, we talked about the vitcultural aspect of creating handcrafted wines. The next phase obviously involves the winemaker and how she employs her craft to produce the wine you’re drinking today. 

Before we go there, however, we want to talk about recent questions regarding our style of wine and why it tastes more “European”. While this is an imperfect comparator, it is used to describe the contrast between our wine from wines that have a big fruit, oak and high alcohol style. One style is not “better” than another, but we create what we like to drink, so that’s the simple answer to the question about why we make our style of wine.

Regarding the question of how we create our preferred style, this starts with the harvest. In order make a more subtle, balanced and nuanced wine, we want to pick the grapes with a slightly lower sugar content, which influences the alcohol levels. As grapes ripen, the sugar content grows and is measured in Brix. We harvest our grapes typically at around 25 Brix. To see the effect this has on the alcohol content, multiply this number by .55. Now, this can vary by varietal and vintage, but it provides some insight on how the harvest plays a crucial role in setting up our winemaker with the right fruit profile to make wines we hope you love to drink. We sure do!


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